Created by the Centre de recherche et d’aide pour les narcomanes (Cran), Logis Phare is a non-profit organization providing day-to-day support for its guest families. Each family is supported by a care worker throughout their stay.

Logis Phare is a service for expectant mothers, single-parent families, and couples with children, where one or both of the parents are undergoing opioid substitution treatment.

Logis Phare welcomed its first residents in November 2005. Residents are provided with a stable, clean, and safe living environment allowing them to develop their parenting skills as well as supportive family and community networks. In turn, this helps to reduce the risk of relapse and associated problems such as child neglect, domestic violence, crime, etc.

OUR MISSIONis to offer support and socialization for families, especially parents with children aged five or under. We encourage parents in developing their skills and autonomy, aiming to facilitate their social integration. Logis Phare also works towards risk prevention for children and their families, thereby offering an alternative to placing children in foster families.

Logis Phare was made possible with the help of the Cran and with the financial support of the following :

  • Fondation Marcelle and Jean Coutu
  • Fondation EJLB
  • Fondation l'Oeuvre Léger
  • Fondation Jeunesse-Vie
  • Société d’habitation du Québec
  • Office municipal d’habitation de Montréel