To meet our basic eligibility criteria, applicants must:

  • Be undergoing opioid substitution treatment, and be stable in the course of their treatment;
  • Be the parent of a child aged 5 or under;
  • Commit, during their stay, to making long-term lifestyle changes with follow-up psychosocial support from care workers;
  • Actively take part in the community life of the organization (including monthly resident meetings, tasks to complete, etc.).
  • If applying as a couple, either one or both of the partners may be undergoing substitution treatment; however in all cases, both partners must commit to making lifestyle changes and to the community life of the organization.

Logis Phare visit and presentation of services

1- If an apartment is available:

  • Visit to the Logis Phare apartments and first meeting to evaluate whether the applicant meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Pre-admission meeting to evaluate whether Logis Phare is right for you.
  • If the applicant is approved by the pre-admission committee, a meeting is arranged with the admission committee to deal with administrative procedures.

2 apartments are currently available.

We look forward to meeting you.

The Logis Phare team.